Get mobile in our Stretch Classes

Our stretch classes are designed to increase mobility and flexibility as well as reduce general discomfort from everyday aches and pains. They involve gentle but thorough stretching and movement patterns, taking you to your mobility limit with minimal discomfort.

Throughout the session, you’ll progress to deeper, more advanced stretches and more rewarding ranges of motion. The classes are something that everyone can benefit from, regardless of your fitness levels. It’s a great opportunity to take action and give your body a little maintenance and tender loving care.

What we’re aiming for

The aim of the classes are similar to that of yoga, but use stretches that are more general and physio based. Each class is a slow progression of unwinding tension and reducing scar tissue, using diaphragmatic breathing to slow the body and mind.

Benefits of stretch classes

As well as increasing your flexibility, you’ll notice improved core stability and muscle tone. These classes will assist with postural realignment, decrease general aches and pains and increase circulation.

One of the major benefits you’ll notice is reduced cortisol and stress levels through relaxing the body and mind. This can also lead to improved sleep.

All ages and levels welcome

We believe that everyone can benefit from our stretch classes and there is no restriction on who can attend. We have a wide variety of attendees from those recovering from chronic injury or with severe mobility restrictions, to the general public and those who attend the gym regularly.

View our class times

You can view a schedule of our class times at the bottom of the gym classes page. You can see what days and times all of our classes are scheduled for.

Get in touch

If you’d like more information about our stretch classes, feel free to call us on 0424 959 880 or fill out our contact form online.

Nb. Pregnant women must speak with the instructor before attending their first session.